Our label Moniker Eggplant got its name for a reason: Besides the music, there comes an eggplant-based recipe with every new release that we put out. Until now, probably only those of you, who have bought a physical M+E sound carrier from us, have noticed them on the printed cards or sheets you can find inside the vinyl sleeves or CD cases. To bring the eggplant cuisine to all of you, we decided to start this recipe section where we will post them all over time.

baked-eggplant-falafelBaked Eggplant Falafel
Our take on falafel, eggplants included, for sure!
From M+E008.

mashed-eggplants-pakistaniMashed Eggplants Pakistani Style
Another variant of our notorious dip.
From M+E005.

mashed-eggplantsMashed Eggplants
The famous eggplant dip from our first compilation!
From M+E002.