Celebrating 5 Years of Moniker Eggplant: 5x5x5 Discount Special + NUUK’s Tape Release

A late welcome to 2018 from M+E! You might have been thinking that not much has happened during the last half-year in Eggplant-land. Yet, we were and still are quite busy to prepare… Continue reading

Special Offer: “Easter Eggplant”; Announcing New Website Section; Free Download of “Mashed Eggplants Vol. 1”

As there are again some holidays approaching in this part of the world, we decided to give you another opportunity to save some money on purchasing our releases. From today, April 13 to—and… Continue reading

‘Howler Monkey’ music video released

Victor Doval, who has already created the beautiful artwork to SUUB’s ‘Phindings EP’ last year, has created another visual masterpiece for our most recent release. We are proud to share with you the… Continue reading

MEIER & ERDMANN – ‘Howler Monkey’ LP

‘Howler Monkey’ is the first LP by the live electronic music duo Meier & Erdmann, and also the first album in our catalogue. This 11th installment is another split release, this time with… Continue reading

Pre-Order Meier & Erdmann’s ‘Howler Monkey’ LP today!

Today starts the pre-order phase for our next release, MEIER & ERDMANN’s ‘Howler Monkey’ 12-inch vinyl LP, the duo’s first full length LP and our second split release, this time with Leipzig’s MINOR… Continue reading

Meier & Erdmann – ‘Howler Monkey’ LP out on January 15th 2017 | XMas Sale

We’re glad to announce the first album in our catalogue. Our 11th installment is another split release, this time with MINOR LABEL from Leipzig where it hits the street as No. 35. This… Continue reading

Watch the new video clip for Suub’s ‘Straight In No Kissin’’

The amazing Brian May, one half of the visual bass music duo SUUB, has been busy preparing the video clip for the flip-side of their first 7-inch vinyl release on Moniker Eggplant, the… Continue reading

Suub – ‘Phindings EP’

The ‘Phindings EP’ is the vinyl debut from the visual bass music duo SUUB. SUUB is a liaison dangereuse between the dub longtimer Beam Up and the dub/dubstep drummer DJ Giotto. The resulting… Continue reading

Pre-Order for SUUB’s ‘Phindings EP’ starts today

Today, we’re entering the pre-order phase for the ‘Phindings EP’ by the visual bass music duo SUUB, who are now appearing on vinyl for the first time. Overview SUUB’s ‘Phindings EP’ will be… Continue reading

Watch the video clip for SUUB’s ‘Gaussian Swagger’ on YouTube

For the upcoming M+E010 7-inch vinyl release ‘Phindings EP’, the visual bass music duo SUUB has prepared an amazing video clip for the a-side track ‘Gaussian Swagger’ that can now be watched on… Continue reading