Where to buy

On this page you find all the record shops (local, online) that sell physical copies of our records.

A click on a shop’s name will bring you to their website. A click on their address will bring up Google Maps.

Berlin, Germany

Tricky Tunes
Mainzer Straße 8 (Friedrichshain)

Praxis Records
Lenbachstraße 9 (Friedrichshain)

Fashion Killers
Wrangelstraße 48 (Kreuzberg)

Space Hall
Zossener Straße 33 (Kreuzberg)

Oye Records
Oderbergerstraße 4 (Prenzlauer Berg)

Tokyo, Japan:

Disc Shop Zero
2-17-10 Kitazawa (Setagaya)

Nagoya, Japan:

Banana Records
3 Chome-22-32 Ōsu (Naka-ku)

Paris, France:

Toolbox Records
30 Rue Saint-Ambroise (11e Arr.)

Lisieux, France:

MusicAM Records
Chemin des Loges (Beuvillers)

Web Shops/Mail Orders:



Juno Records

Minor Label

Norman Records

RedEye Records

Sound Base Music Online

Sozialistischer Plattenbau

Suburban Trash

Or you might even have luck on Amazon.com

Finally, you can also order our records from many sellers (some of them are listed above, too) through the Marketplace at discogs.com, or, of course, through our label’s official web shop over at monikereggplant.bandcamp.com!