Leise im Kran: ‘Welding Sessions’

Leise im Kran: ‘Welding Sessions’

‘Welding Sessions’ is Leise im Kran’s debut EP. A 45 min long firestorm of rough acid from start to finish, recorded in single takes with nothing more than a KORG Monotribe, an Atomosynth Mochika XL, and a Yamaha RX-5 through some effect units. It comes as a haunting black cassette tape in a hand-stamped paper envelope. Only 50 copies available!

All music written and performed by Leise im Kran.
Mixed by Leise im Kran and Airdmun.
Mastered by Pseudoprime.
Artwork by ricaletto.

A Moniker Eggplant release done in 2014.

This is M+E 008.

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