‘Mashed Eggplants Vol. 2’

The galley’s chef is pleased to present you the second course. As last time, you may expect only the freshest ingredients delivered by 13 artists from all over the world. Taste heavy basses, ambient textures, rollin’ beats, glitchy blips and all those sounds of today’s electronic music.

“Mashed Eggplants Vol. 2” contains tracks by: Junichi Akagawa (JP), Bit-Tuner (CH), Kerstin Bruse and the Dubheads from Hell (DE), Debmaster (FR), Francis Kills (AU), GRAPH (DE), Kinskop (DE), Meier & Erdmann (DE) feat. Shins-k (JP), PorkFour (DE), Pseudoprime (DE), Somtek (CH), and Wermonster (FR).

Mastered by: WATTA SOUND.

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