Recipes for Reconstruction

‘Recipes for Reconstruction’

Almost exactly 12 months ago, our tasty musical journey began, and so the Moniker has just turned one year! We were celebrating our first birthday last Friday with a whole lot of great Live and DJ sets by MimiCof, Leise im Kran, LXC, Desmond Denker, ILL_K, Shins-k, and Airdmun (once again: thank you guys, for an amazing night!). Not to forget our notorious Eggplant Buffet! If you’ve missed our birthday party at the Bei Ruth in Neukölln (blame yourself!), you should at least make sure to visit them during the next few weeks, before they will have their Winter break. Why not on November 1, when DJ Marcelle will be playing one of her famous DJ sets there?

What else do we have to celebrate? Well, there is this remix compilation that you might have heard rumors about, and guess what? It’s out now! Get it through our Bandcamp, either physically, in our well-known handcrafted CDR package (eggplant recipe included, of course!), or in any other digital audio format you could possibly desire. Do not hesitate, there are no more than 100 copies available! Take a listen to all “Recipes of Reconstruction” here:

Oh, and if you haven’t already: listen to our man Freak Ass E’s roaring mix set with his selection of tunes from the First Year of Moniker Eggplant:

Check out Freak Ass E on Mixcloud and his project X.A. Cute on Soundcloud.