Label Showcase – Friday, Nov 15th @ Loophole | Berlin

Again the chef cook of the vegetable will present a diversified audible menu.
Expect a night full of beats, basses, dubs, hops, breaks, steps, spheres.
‖ Line-Up ‖

: Live:

Debmaster (Da! Heard It Records | France)
X.A.CUTE (CCCB, Trickster)
ANBU (Cutting Room Records)

: DJ:

Kinskop ( Various Vegetables)
Freak Ass E (Trickster)
Airdmun ( Moniker Eggplant)

‖ Eggplant – Buffet, Record Stall, Tombola ‖

‖ DEBMASTER ‖ – Live
Gangsta Bleep, Halftime Madness, Crev!?
Debmaster will prove that you can dance, sweat and be curious at the same time. With his hopping beats, deep basses and bleepy spheres and his amazing live-show he will show you how to shake, dance, bounce.

‖ X.A. CUTE ‖ – Live
This berlin-based duo is dedicated to bass, beats and raps mixed with a pinch of oriental spices. Just after their Israel-Tour and their latest collaborations with vocal artists such as Miss Red, Infinite Livez or Ari Up they’ll present their current live set – it’ll kick your bass hungry ass!

‖ ANBU ‖ – Live
In his partly improvised live performances amazing textures evolve over time and space, get blurred, distroyed and refigurated in a unique sound design. Open your ears and close your eyes because Anbu will take you on a sound-journey you won’t forget!

‖ Kinskop ‖
As co-founder of the Various Vegetables crew it’s not a surprise that he loves eggplants. Kinskop normally produces tunes with load of melodies, analogue instruments and a bunch of humour. As a DJ he’s concentrating on combining mixing and controlling: With his own programmed software he is presenting funky and technoid music mixes never forgetting that good music can have an old charme. Be prepared for an interesting performance that will move your feet.

‖ Freak Ass E ‖
The Freak (aka. Sun Ra Bullock) is known for his interesting mashups ranging between the heaviest bass-music and western asian 70s, Broism and Sun Ra, Jungle and Funk.
Expect the unexpected, enjoy a journey through the styles.

‖ Airdmun ‖
co-founder of Moniker Eggplant, presenting all the music that oscillates around the label, its artists, its sound.

November 15th
at Loophole
Boddinstraße 60
U7 Rathaus Neukölln