Release Preview of ‘Circus, however …’ by ZEPTOSPHERE


ZEPTOSPHERE – ‘Circus, however …’ Record Release

Dear ladies and gents, the great Eggplant is back! Come and celebrate with your friends, the new release in its rack. ZEPTOSHPERE (formally known, shown, grown as PREGNANT BY FRAGMENT) will release their… Continue reading


With our first compilation release, we presented a very simple recipe for ‘Mashed Eggplants’, an easy but delicious dip that works great with many other dishes, for example with our Baked Eggplant Falafel.… Continue reading

‘Mashed Eggplants Vol. 1’

The guys behind the vegetable were gathering a bunch of interesting and interested artists to create a diversified potpourri of current electronic music. The result is a 15-track compilation that contains tracks by:… Continue reading

The Birth of a Vegetable

Below are some more pictures of the handmade beauties we will be releasing on Saturday. Don’t miss them!

Label Launch Party and Sampler Release

It’s the birth of a vegetable, may be of the best vegetable on earth… its MONIKER is EGGPLANT. Some of you may also call it aubergine or Eierpflanze. However… Let’s taste this new… Continue reading