M+E Christmas Harvest 2014 – Discount at our Bandcamp shop!

As the the tunes on the radio are getting cheesier (or more festive, if you like) and you’re spotting people wearing red and white costumes even in clubs — yes, it’s Christmas time. Yesterday,… Continue reading

Leise im Kran: ‘Welding Sessions’

‘Welding Sessions’ is Leise im Kran’s debut EP. A 45 min long firestorm of rough acid from start to finish, recorded in single takes with nothing more than a KORG Monotribe, an Atomosynth… Continue reading

Recipe: ‘Baked Eggplant Falafel’

As LEISE IM KRAN’s debut tape ‘Welding Sessions’ has long been sold out, we decided to start our recipe section with the recipe that came with it: Our take on falafel, well, eggplant… Continue reading

Preorder ‘Welding Sessions’ now!

Today, we finished the packing of Leise im Kran’s ‘Welding Sessions’ EP, and here are the results: You can preorder the tapes now on Bandcamp. If you do this, you’ll get the download… Continue reading

The Tapes Arrived

With our first tape release of Leise im Kran’s ‘Welding Sessions’ scheduled in two weeks, we’re happy to provide you with a glimpse of how our newest sound carrier will look like. In… Continue reading

Release Party for Leise im Kran’s ‘Welding Sessions’ – EP

We’re going to celebrate our first tape release on October 30th with an evening filled with acidulous sounds, squeezed synthesizers and a huge bunch of groovy beats: Line-Up: Karl Marx Stadt – LIVE… Continue reading

Announcing the first Tape release on Moniker Eggplant

After we harvested some nice audible Eggplants during the summer we’re now happy to present the debut EP by Leise im Kran. ‘Welding Sessions’ is a 45 min long firestorm of rough acid… Continue reading

Moniker Eggplant Slipmats now available

As we are nearing our second label birthday in October, we are of course in the midst of preparing the next release. While we are not yet ready to disclose what it will be,… Continue reading

The Very Last ‘Mundane Reminder EP’

Do you know what the picture shows? It’s the very last ‘Mundane Reminder EP’ by Meier & Erdmann! When we checked our shop’s inventory last week we were a little surprised as well, but… Continue reading

‘Sonic Carpaccio EP – The Full Course’

This is the full ‘Sonic Carpaccio’ experience! It is a strictly limited (25 copies) package featuring the original vinyl release and a download code for the Remix EP. And in order for the… Continue reading