Release Event: Celebrating 10 years with MAX MAXELL’s Braindance of the Hikikomori

Today is Bandcamp Friday. What a great day to support Max Maxell’s new C-40 tape “Braindance of the Hikikomori” which is out now!

How time is flying by! And what a time… Did you know that Moniker Eggplant has turned 10 years old this year? We barely noticed ourselves. But how could we better celebrate this anniversary than with fresh new music? Max Maxell’s “Braindance of the Hikikomori” is out today on Friday, February 3, 2023. You can pre-listen to the music on Soundcloud:

Release Event at TRXXTR, Berlin

After our long hiatus of releases, we also wanted to celebrate in person again! There will be a release event on 9 February at TRXXTR, Berlin. Doors open at 20.00. Max Maxell will do a live performance of Braindance of the Hikikomori, and two more live sets are scheduled by Jacqnoise (Berlin Modular Society) and no other than Moniker Eggplant’s Leise im Kran. Linxi (Praxis Records) and yours truly, Airdmun, will join and round off the release event with their DJ sets: