MAX MAXELL – Braindance of the Hikikomori

With Braindance of the Hikikomori, Max Maxell (aka Karsten Pflum) provides a fictional script depicting introversion, solitude and encapsulation. Divided in 5 acts, the sonic narrative holds everything lovers of dystopian 80s movies are hungry for: Miso-smelling synth leads, spicy arpeggios, mincing tensions and bittersweet reliefs—Think of a cup of instant ramen noodles you have in a tiny flat in Osaka on a rainy day… over again and again. Dive deeply into the imaginary world of a Hikikomori and enjoy the dinner for one.

02—Catharsis / Apathy
05—Prophecy Descending

„Some folks feed the ducks in the park, but my mother knows in her heart that I’m OK. I have Sakura. And I love her. Nothing else really matters…“

Braindance of the Hikikomori is Max Maxell’s second release. Max concentrates on the sounds of tapes and synths playing in a sedated dystopian cosmos.

Tape purchases are coming with Max Maxell’s ‘Pastry Crust-Eggplants’ recipe, our vegan take on Tempura-like fried Eggplants.


A Moniker Eggplant release done in 2022

All tracks written and produced by Jacob Helverskov
Mastered by Joakim Wölm
Artwork by Carl Benny Robert
Layout and recipe by Moniker Eggplant
English-Japanese translation by Josa Glück

This is M+E014.

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