Cover artwork for Leise im Kran’s Zwickau Cybernetics EP


Leise im Kran has fired up the welding torch again. This time, he picks you up for a rough ride through the heart of his home state of Saxony: The a-side takes you from early 90ies post-communist street action in Bauchlitz and Grimma to socialist Plattenbau romantics in Döbeln Nord. The flipside features chivalric 303 sounds echoing from the walls of Kriebstein Castle and delves into sonic cybernetic studies in Zwickau.

With his second solo release, Leise im Kran sharpens his knives to serve meticulously sliced breakbeat science accompanied by oddly stirred acid basses. Uniquely flambéed chord progressions round out this three-star five-course menu.

EP purchases come with Leise im Kran’s ‘Eggplant Matjes’ recipe—a modern (veggie/vegan) eggplant-interpretation of Northern-East German Matjes—a herring-based cold dish.


A Moniker Eggplant release done in 2020/2021.

Written and produced by Leise im Kran
Mastering by LXC
Cut and pressing by My45
Graphics and design by Fornax Void

This is M+E013.

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