Pre-Order Joakim Moesgaard’s Limited Purple “PCIA EP” Now

Knock, knock, is this still on?

After more than two years of radio silence from Moniker Eggplant, and still in the midst of that global pandemic everyone just wants to end, we are more than happy to announce the label’s most recent (the 14th!) fruit: The Clear Purple “PCIA EP”—a 6 tracks cassette tape by Joakim Moesgaard to be released on May 5, 2021. Yes, that’s in 3 weeks from today, so listen to, and pre-order the cassette now over on Bandcamp!

Cover of Joakim Moesgaard’s “PCIA EP”
Joakim Moesgaard’s “PCIA EP”

Apart from Joakim’s upcoming release, we have also a few more projects upcoming very soon, so don’t just move on, but stay tuned! There will be more music—attentive listeners (or readers) might have noticed that there is a gap between our recent catalog number M+E012 and the hereby announced M+E014, hint, hint…—but we also plan to dive a little bit more into the meals side of Moniker Eggplant.