“A Delicious Cookbook For Your Eggplant Desires” Now Available (w/ a Special Offer). And T-Shirts!

After our anniversary celebrations, that time of the year has come—and it’s a lot about tasty food. Our new (non-musical) release, “A Delicious Cookbook For Your Eggplant Desires” is now out!

“A Delicious Cookbook for your Eggplant Desires” on YouTube.

Our chef compiled 10 delicious eggplant-based recipes to diversify your (x-mas) menus. Be it south-east-asian or mediterranean, japanese or arabic—“A Delicious Cookbook For Your Eggplant Desires” only contains the finest eggplant inspirations our cuisine has to offer.

Feel free to take out the recipe cards from the coupon booklet and pin them onto your fridge, offer them to friends or build paper aeroplanes out of them. In December we offer you a very special deal: With every physical good (vinyls, CDs, or other merch) ordered from us, you’ll get one copy of “A Delicious Cookbook For Your Eggplant Desires” on top for free (instead of 3 € for ordering it alone). Just visit our Bandcamp store or order via e-mail.

Still hot:  Our anniversary LP “Recipe Decalogue”.

Why not combine our still-hot anniversary compilation “Recipe Decalogue” together with the cookbook? Get the two now via our Bandcamp store or by contacting us via e-mail. It’s 16 € plus shipping.

Another Nice Fit: T-Shirts!

We silkscreened a very limited amount of t-shirts with the layout of our anniversary collection. There are still some left in L, S and XL—be quick to be sure to save your apparel which fits you well in every situation—even in a snowy landscape.

The “Recipe Decalogue” t-shirt.

It’s 10 € plus shipping. Get it via our Bandcamp store or by contacting us via e-mail. (Of course, you’ll get a free cookbook as well with your t-shirt.)