‘Recipe Decalogue’ LP

The Eggplant gets mature

Five years of audible meals—five years of diverse electronic music and eggplant-based recipes. We’re celebrating MONIKER EGGPLANT’s anniversary by releasing ‘RECIPE DECALOGUE’—a VA compilation containing 10 tracks by 11 artists on two sides of one 12″ record.

The EGG side is representing the feisty and straight forward tastes eggplants might have—with:

Karsten Pflum—Red Roof
Leise im Kran—Krafthammer
PorkFour—Specular Reflections
Duke Slammer—Closer Than We Think!
Debmaster—Computer Resurrection

The PLANT side is representing the rich and complex tastes eggplants might have—with:

Ivan Shopov feat. Roel Funcken—Trange Hings
MimiCof—Flip The World
Desmond Denker—Nothing For Uneasy
Karl Marx Stadt—Wedding Sofa Crasher
RNDPAN—DX Gangsters (Pank Edit)

‘RECIPE DECALOGUE’ represents everything MONIKER EGGPLANT stands for: Tasty and diverse audible meals seasoned with dance floor attitude, experimentation, and spiciness.

The record comes in a beautiful and unique silkscreen printed, and hand-stickered cover.


A Moniker Eggplant release done in 2017/2018
Master and cut: LXC @wattasound, lxc808.com
Layout: Super Quiet, superquiet.tumblr.com
Pressing: R.A.N.D. Muzik, randmuzik.de

This is M+E012.

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