A Delicious Cookbook For Your Eggplant Desires—Front

Releasing Soon: A Delicious Cookbook For Your Eggplant Desires

Alongside the release of our fifth anniversary 12-inch vinyl compilation “Recipe Decalogue,” we are going to release the first Moniker Eggplant recipe collection—“A Delicious Cookbook For Your Eggplant Desires”:


Containing 10 eggplant recipes written down by our fellow eggplant aficionados, the meals are covering diverse tastes from various parts of the world.

It’s not an ordinary cookbook, though, as each single recipe comes on a detachable recipe card—a picture of the meal in the front, and preparation instructions on the back. So besides providing new inspiration for eggplant based meals, you can easily share your favourite meal with your friends or the front of your fridge. Prepare yourself a tasty eggplant breakfast spread, then spread the word if you liked it!

On behalf of our whole kitchen crew, we say: Guten Appetit!