Recipe Decalogue—Cover Art by Superquiet

Pre-Order “RECIPE DECALOGUE” Now—And Watch the Video Clip to LEISE IM KRAN’s “Krafthammer”

We are now in pre-order phase for the 10-tracks-by-11-artists 12″ vinyl LP compilation entitled “RECIPE DECALOGUE”. Our fifth anniversary records will begin shipping from Thursday, November 1, 2018. If you don’t know the music yet, the pre-listen cut is still there for you on SoundCloud.

To further tease you, today also saw the release of the exclusive video clip to LEISE IM KRAN’s “Krafthammer”—straight from the record’s EGG side to your screen:


If you order your copy of the 12″ vinyl before November 1st, we’ll give you a 20% discount. That means you’ll get the manually silk-screened and stickered package for only EUR 12.00 plus shipping instead of the regular EUR 15.00.

To place your pre-order, contact us via E-mail with your shipping address and your payment preference (direct bank transfer, from Europe only, or Paypal, worldwide). We will then send you the details.

In a forthcoming post, you will get a first glimpse to the already-announced companion cookbook to “RECIPE DECALOGUE,” so stay tuned!