5 Years of Moniker Eggplant

Celebrating 5 Years of Moniker Eggplant: 5x5x5 Discount Special + NUUK’s Tape Release

A late welcome to 2018 from M+E! You might have been thinking that not much has happened during the last half-year in Eggplant-land. Yet, we were and still are quite busy to prepare for our big 5 years of Moniker Eggplant anniversary release and other specials.


  • 5 years of Moniker Eggplant: 5x5x5 Discount: 25% off of all M+E releases for the next 5 weeks, starting today
  • M+E’s Airdmun and Karl-Marx-Stadt have teamed up as NUUK, releasing the “Tungaa/Tunnguit” cassette tape

5 years of Moniker Eggplant

It was in 2012, when we started our little musical and culinary endeavour. We’re therefore taking the opportunity to celebrate or fifth birthday all over the year by cooking five audible and other dishes for you. Be prepared for diverse music released on diverse media, some new merch items and of course new eggplant based recipes. In the meantime we have something special to offer, closely related to our label’s age:

5x5x5 Discount on Bandcamp

To ease the wait time for new music from Moniker Eggplant, we decided to give you a 5×5% = 25% discount on all our music + merch in our Bandcamp store from today until and including Sunday, March 25th. Yes, these are five weeks in total! To redeem your discount, just enter “5x5x5” (without double-quotes, of course) upon checkout. If you prefer other options than Bandcamp and Paypal, you are free to drop us a line and get the same amount of discount of course.

NUUK’s “Tungaa/Tunnguit” Tape Release

Saying that there was no new Moniker Eggplant music last year was not entirely true. M+E’s founder Lorenz Erdmann (Meier & Erdmann, Airdmun) has teamed up with Christian Gierden (Karl Marx Stadt, Society Suckers) to form the ambient duo NUUK. Their 40-minutes debut tape “Tungaa/Tunnguit” was produced remotely in Leipzig and Berlin, is limited to 50 copies and has been released in late December 2017. If you are in for a melodic and drone-y mental vacation, the duo’s sonic re-interpretation of the landscape surrounding Greenland’s capital city is what you should look for. The white tape can be purchased from Edition Schulze’s Bandcamp store.

Lorenz has also prepared two music videos for the release:

And if you happen to be in Berlin on Saturday, March 10, don’t miss NUUK’s live performance at SPEKTRUMBerlin, together with All Times Now Nothing!