Special Offer: “Easter Eggplant”; Announcing New Website Section; Free Download of “Mashed Eggplants Vol. 1”

As there are again some holidays approaching in this part of the world, we decided to give you another opportunity to save some money on purchasing our releases. From today, April 13 to—and including—Sunday, April 23, you will get a 20% discount on all our Moniker Eggplant releases through our Bandcamp shop. Head over there for reduced prices on Meier & Erdman’s ‘Howler Monkey’, SUUBs ‘Phindings EP’, Mesak’s ‘Decomposition EP’, the by-now-almost-classic ‘Sonic Carpaccio EP’, or all our other music!

The only thing you need to do in order to get your discount? Simply enter the discount code “easter_eggplant_2017”, and all your shopping basket items will be reduced by 20%.

And now for another small announcement…

The label Moniker Eggplant got its name for a reason: Besides the music, there comes an eggplant-based recipe with every new release that we put out. Until now, probably only those of you who have bought a physical M+E sound carrier have noticed those printed cards or sheets inside their vinyl sleeves or CD cases. To bring the eggplant cuisine to all of you, we will soon start a new section here on our website where we will post all those recipes. First up will be our delicious Baked Eggplant Falafel together with two classics: our two variants of “Mashed Eggplants”, one more traditional, and one Pakistani style. Watch out here! Once they are out, you won’t miss them.

To celebrate this upcoming section, we decided to give away our first compilation—which, incidentally was also called “Mashed Eggplants Vol. 1”—as a free digital download on our bandcamp page.

Update Sat. 29 April: Recipes section online!

We have just launched our new recipes section on this website. Be sure to check it out!