‘Howler Monkey’ music video released

Victor Doval, who has already created the beautiful artwork to SUUB’s ‘Phindings EP’ last year, has created another visual masterpiece for our most recent release. We are proud to share with you the official video clip to Meier & Erdmann’s track “Howler Monkey” from their last LP with the same title. In the artist’s own words:
“The initial idea came from the understanding of music as a temporal journey, a changing landscape that is perceived via the ears. The harmonic evolution of the track is associated with a 24 hour time lapse experienced in 290 seconds. From sunrise to sunrise the video offers a dreamy trip that opens doors for contemplation and to emotions the track might evoke. The video shows a landscape created synchronously with the music, where the diverse frequency bands have been used to algorithmically define the visual parameters such as geometries, materials and lightings. Through this sonic analysis and spectral decomposition each element and texture of the track has been visually processed. To manage all this data flow I worked with Processing and Blender. The Blender add-on Sverchok has been the cornerstone in the creation and transformation of the geometry.”

Howler Monkey by Meier & Erdmann from Víctor Doval on Vimeo.

The “Howler Monkey” LP is available from our Bandcamp store. If you want to see more work from Victor Doval, visit his website produccionesluminosas.com.

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