Howler Monkey Vinyl Package

Pre-Order Meier & Erdmann’s ‘Howler Monkey’ LP today!

Today starts the pre-order phase for our next release, MEIER & ERDMANN’s ‘Howler Monkey’ 12-inch vinyl LP, the duo’s first full length LP and our second split release, this time with Leipzig’s MINOR LABEL.


  • MEIER & ERDMANN’s 12-inch LP ‘Howler Monkey’ will be shipping from January 15, you can pre-order it now.
  • During pre-order, there is a discount for all you early buyers: From today to January 15, the vinyl is available for EUR 10.00 (+shipping) instead of EUR 13.00.
  • Pre-orders can be placed via E-Mail. Please give your address and payment preference.
  • You can pre-listen the album on Soundcloud. Be sure to check back during next week, as we will release new audio snippets each day.

Howler Monkey Vinyl Package

The record hits the streets and our Bandcamp store on January 15. While we are busy finishing the beautiful above shown package designed by Super Quiet, we have a special deal for you. As with our previous releases we decided to offer all early buyers a discount. If you order your copy before January 15, we’ll give you a 3.00 EUR discount. That means you’ll get the carefully hand-cut and hand-stamped package for only EUR 10.00 plus shipping instead of the usual EUR 13.00. To place your pre-order, contact us via E-mail with your shipping address and your payment preference (direct bank transfer, from Europe only, or Paypal, worldwide). We’ll then send you the details.

You can pre-listen some music from the LP here:

Be sure to check back on our Soundcloud page during next week, as we will be releasing a new snippet for another track each day leading up to the release date!

Howler Monkey on Turntable