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Meier & Erdmann – ‘Howler Monkey’ LP out on January 15th 2017 | XMas Sale

We’re glad to announce the first album in our catalogue. Our 11th installment is another split release, this time with MINOR LABEL from Leipzig where it hits the street as No. 35.

This 12-inch vinyl is literally the sixth Eggplant release that features the live electronic music duo Meier & Erdmann – it’s their first appearance on MINOR LABEL. Raised up and founded in Leipzig, their unique blend of acoustic and electronic sounds, recorded both in the studio and in the fields and then meticulously sequenced and brought to the stage in one of their iconic live shows proves their broad background in classical, jazz and various bass-heavy electronic dance music styles. ‘Howler Monkey’ – the duo’s first LP – incorporates all these components and forms a sonic narrative oscillating between the organic and the algorithmic, the abstract and the concrete, the humorous and the melancholic.

Listen to a collage of the album’s tracks here.

‘Howler Monkey’ will be released on January 15th 2017. At the beginning of the next year we are going to send you updates with every necessary information, more music to listen to and of course our notorious pre-sale deals; so be patient.

For the artwork we worked together with the amazing Super Quiet from Berlin. He again developed an amazing and unique design and layout for the release like he’s already done for our ‘Decomposition EP’ by Mesak.


Pre-Xmas Sale

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