Phindings EP Contents

Pre-Order for SUUB’s ‘Phindings EP’ starts today

Today, we’re entering the pre-order phase for the ‘Phindings EP’ by the visual bass music duo SUUB, who are now appearing on vinyl for the first time.


  • SUUB’s ‘Phindings EP’ will be released on and shipped from July 12, you can pre-order it now.
  • During pre-order, you’ll get a discount on the ‘Phindings EP’: From today until July 12, the 7-inch vinyl is available for EUR 6.00 plus shipping. On top of that, we’ll put a little extra surprise into your parcel!
  • Pre-orders can be placed via E-Mail. Please give your shipping address and your payment preference.
  • You can listen to a preview of the tracks on our Soundcloud.
  • There’s an amazing video edit of ‘Gaussian Swagger’, prepared by SUUB especially for this release.


The 7″ record (limited to 200 copies) includes two playful post-dubsteppy tracks. The a-side serves ‘Gaussian Swagger’ (130 bpm)—a breaky, rhythmically vibrating sub bass worm directly infiltrating your ears and feet. It includes well programmed bass-heavy synths and precisely processed drums—all the ingredients SUUB is known for. The flip-side with ‘Straight In No Kissin’’ (170/85 bpm) is a more engaging tune: Fast syncopated drum breaks oscillate around constantly and algorithmically evolving synth melodies.

If you want to hear the music, you can listen to the two tracks on on our Soundcloud page. In any case, you should watch the amazing video edit that SUUB have prepared for the track ‘Gaussian Swagger’ on our YouTube channel. Of course, this release also comes with a delicious eggplant recipe! This one’s from BEAM UP, a tasty, sweet and savoury ‘Nasu Dengaku with miso glaze’, and it’s included on a beautifully designed layout by Victor Doval aka Producciones Luminosas.

From today, you can pre-order and save a bit on this beauty! You will get a 1.50 EUR discount on every pre-order. That is, one copy of the ‘Phindings EP’ for 6.00 EUR plus shipping. Additionally, we will include another musical surprise in every parcel that leaves our kitchen. To pre-order with discount, contact us via E-mail with your shipping address and your payment preference (direct bank transfer, from Europe only, or Paypal, worldwide). We’ll then send you the details.

More information about SUUB

SUUB is a liaison dangereuse between the dub longtimer BEAM UP and the Dub/Dubstep drummer GIOTTO. The resulting tracks are mixtures of playful deep basses and rolling breaks—a must for every bass music enthusiast. We’re really happy to release their debut-EP!

BEAM UP is the UK born Brian May, who is also performing as DJ DELAY and producing under the moniker SONICAL.  He draws inspiration from his vast musical background gathered on all five continents. Playing the trumpet since he was six, performing in various reggae bands, creating sound installations and DJ’ing in the UK, Australia and Japan, he always stayed true to his dub roots while steadily obtaining proficient synth programming and coding skills that make up SUUB’s sonic hull.

GIOTTO, who is of Irish origin, is best known as the drummer of BRAINTHEFT, the eclectic Berlin based live bass music trio from Ireland and France. Besides this, GIOTTO is also active in a Hip Hop duet with BADKAT, he is DJ’ing in various styles and producing techno as THE BERLIN ANT. GIOTTO’s pulsating and precise drum beats and breaks are the engine that steers the SUUBmarine through the deep seas of Dub(step), Jungle and Breaks!