Pre-Order for MESAK’s ‘Decomposition EP’ starts today

We’re really happy to finally announce that the pre-order for MESAK’s ‘Decomposition EP’ is starting today!


  • MESAK’s ‘Decomposition EP’ will be released on February 29, the pre-order starts today.
  • During pre-order, you’ll get the ‘Decomposition EP’ for 7.00 EUR plus shipping. Furthermore you’ll get an extra download code for a release of choice from our catalog.
  • Pre-orders can be placed via E-Mail. Please give your shipping address, your payment preference, and your release of choice.
  • You can listen to a preview of the tracks on our Soundcloud.


Limited to 200 copies, the black 7-inch comes in a beautiful handmade risograph sleeve designed by SUPERQUIET and an inlay containing CHACHA’s favorite eggplant recipe.

Besides the two tracks on the vinyl, the ‘Decomposition EP’ has been remixed and versioned by PATRIC CATANI and PORKFOUR delivering the last two digital ingredients for the delicious audible dish. Each record comes with a download code for the original tracks as well as the remixes.

Official release through the Moniker Eggplant Bandcamp store will be on February 29. But from today, you can pre-order and save money! You will get a 2.00 EUR discount on every pre-order. That is, one copy of the ‘Decomposition EP’ for 7.00 EUR plus shipping. Additionally, every pre-order gets an extra free download code for one release of your choice! Just visit our Bandcamp store and choose another release you admire. Then, contact us via E-mail with your shipping address, your payment preference (direct bank transfer, from Europe only, or Paypal, worldwide), and your release of choice. We’ll then send you the details and the extra download code.

About the artists

MESAK started his first electronic experiments during the 1990’s in electro and hip-hop projects. He was running the ‘Huge Bass’ club in his home town until 2007, when he and RANDY BARRACUDA founded HARMÖNIA, the Skweee stakeholder imprint from Finland.

Besides her own productions as FADED GHOST, CHACHA also appeared guest singing on countless records, most prominently on KODE9’s ‘Black Sun’ and in collaboration with Disrupt and SoomT on JAHTARI’s ‘Bass Shelter EP’.

To list all of PATRIC CATANI’s musical output throughout his 20+ years long career is a hopeless endeavor. Yet, even random samples show his talent that not only shows up in film and video game soundtracks, but especially in his latest solo LP ‘Blingsanity’, his rap project called ILL TILL or the outcome of his other monikers such as CANDY HANK.

PORKFOUR from Leipzig/Germany knows how to recondition analogue sound. Whereas his tunes contain elements that sound well known, he achieves surprising arrangements and strange sound combinations. Yet the lowest common denominator surely is Acid. He has released on Ortloff, Blackred and Beta Carotin.


A Moniker Eggplant release done in 2015/16
Written and produced by Mesak at Studio Besser & Mehr, Berlin 2014–15
Lyrics, vocals & vocal melody on ‘Collapsing’ by ChaCha Yehaiyahan; recorded at Faded Ghost Studio, Shanghai
Frequencies lifted, mastered and cut by LXC at
Pressing done by
Artwork by
Recipe by ChaCha, english translation by Blake Stone-Jones
This is M+E 009