Finished Cover 2

Announcing Mesak’s ‘Decomposition EP’

As there have been way too few sounds here recently, this time, we’ve decided to give you a glimpse into the music first:

So, what dish has been cooking for so long in our kitchen? It’s our loyal friend Mesak with two ingenious tracks that are going to be released on 7-inch vinyl early in 2016.

The ‘Decomposition EP’ invites you to follow Skweee-Mastermind Mesak and chinese MC and singer ChaCha on their sonic odyssey into a ‘Collapsing’ world full of tumbling beats and spheres, seasoned with lyrics envisioning a decomposing planet. The flipside offers ‘Lahota’, Mesak’s poetic, yet utterly rhythmic ode to ancient, britten wood – A ride trough the muddy, dark and enchanted scandinavian forests.

The artwork to the EP was conceived and realized by Superquiet and it came out of the risograph printer looking quite amazing.

As you may have noticed, simple printing doesn’t yield the finished artwork, so your chefs sat down with scissor, glue, and some beverages to handcraft the sleeves.

Eventually, the final cover looks like this:

Those beauties will be available soon in all good record and web stores as well as via our Bandcamp shop. Be patient for more news regarding the ‘Decomposition EP’ to come…