Label Showcase with live sets by DEBMASTER and MEIER & ERDMANN

Spring comes and we prepare our fields to obtain again an amazing Eggplant-Harvest in late summer.
New releases are planned, some label showcases already scheduled.
Let’s start the season in our beloved Treeks Star – Basement with two amazing live acts. DEBMASTER as well as MEIER & ERDMANN are currently working on their new albums and will present loads of new tunes in their revised live sets.


|| Debmaster ||
(Cock Rock Disco | France) – LIVE
Gangsta Bleep, Halftime Madness, Crev!?
Debmaster will prove that you can dance, sweat and be curious at the same time. With his hopping beats, deep basses and bleepy spheres and his amazing live-show he will show you how to shake, dance, bounce.
Debmaster – Soundcloud
Debmaster – Homepage

|| Meier & Erdmann ||
(Alphacut Records, Moniker Eggplant) – LIVE
The duo concentrates on finding the point of intersection between analogue and electronic music. They use their experience in classical, jazz and electronic dance music to form a sound evolving in these three entities. Appear live with: clarinet, guitar, melodica, synth, computer.
Meier & Erdmann – Soundcloud
Meier & Erdmann – Youtube

|| Wake ||
(Hardboiled, Shlomp) -DJ
As one of the residents of the famous Shlomp-crew WAKE showed that next to his curatorial expertise he definitely knows about the interesting new movements in electronic music. Presenting a very own and well assorted sound he fascinates with slick vinyl mixes and an amazing ability to keep people on the dance floor.
Wake Soundcloud

|| Freak Ass E ||
This guy knows what ‘MASHED EGGPLANTS’ means. His amazing mash-ups range between the heaviest bass-music and western asian 70s, Broism and Sun Ra, Jungle and Funk.
Expect the unexpected, enjoy a journey through the styles.
Freak Ass E – Mixcloud

|| Airdmun ||
(Moniker Eggplant) – DJ
co-founder of Moniker Eggplant, presenting all the music that oscillates around the label, its artists, its sound.
Airdmun – Mixcloud

|| Eggplant Buffet, Record Stall ||

Date: Friday, MAY 8th

Doors: 9 pm
Concerts will start early! Be on time to be sure to catch all the artists and some delicious snacks from the notorious Eggplant Buffet