Christmas Harvest 2014

M+E Christmas Harvest 2014 – Discount at our Bandcamp shop!

As the the tunes on the radio are getting cheesier (or more festive, if you like) and you’re spotting people wearing red and white costumes even in clubs — yes, it’s Christmas time.

Yesterday, we were at the ‘Creepy Christmas’ Market which is being hosted by the amazing people from the Werkstatttraum in Kreuzberg. We had all of our records with us, met a lot of nice people, drank some Glogg, listened to our music and a bunch of classic tunes from a vintage jukebox next to our stall. Well, this thing almost ruined our income, but we nevertheless had a nice time!

For all of you who could not make it yesterday: here is this year’s Christmas Harvest! To carry on a ‘tradition’ started last year, we decided that from now on until December 31, 11:59 pm, every item in our Bandcamp shop gets a 25% discount if you enter the magic word ‘xmasharvest2014’ (without quotes) upon checkout.

M+E Stall at Creepy Christmas Market

Enjoy the holidays with some nice electronic music!