Release Party for Leise im Kran’s ‘Welding Sessions’ – EP

We’re going to celebrate our first tape release on October 30th with an evening filled with acidulous sounds, squeezed synthesizers and a huge bunch of groovy beats:


Karl Marx Stadt – LIVE

(Sozialistischer Plattenbau | Leipzig) – LIVE

After having left the spheres of late nineties hardcore he produced with the duo Society Suckers, Karl Marx Stadt cultivates tunes with analogue synth-melodies, drum-computers, game-sounds and a huge dose of groove on his own fields. Spiced with the love for analogue techniques, dub and with an emphasis on upbeat melodies and arpeggios his music invites to move, smile or even do old fashioned gymnastics exercises. The elements of Karl Marx Stadt’s amusing live shows oscillate between versatile played synthesizers, circuitbending, funky beats and of course the sound of the universe. For the record release of ‘Welding Sessions’ he will present his latest compositions on a new set-up. Be ready to taste Karl Marx Stadt’s audible meals that range from ‘cartoon-reggea, breakdance-Romantik and gymnastics-funk’.

Leise im Kran – LIVE

(Moniker Eggplant | Leipzig) – LIVE

As a part of the duo Meier & Erdmann Leise im Kran seeks for a more analogue sound processing far beyond the realm of 1 and 0. Equipped with some old and new fashioned drum computers and synthesizers Leise im Kran develops his individual style of acid: Besides the notorious basslines, the rythmicality of his drum patterns are the spiciest ingredients in his tunes. Leise im Kran’s live performance weld together syncopated and weird grooves with distorted synth sounds. We’re happy to release his debut EP! We’ll definitely hear more about and from Leise im Kran in the near future.

Freak Ass E – DJ
(X.A. Cute) – DJ

The Freak (aka. Sun Ra Bullock) is known for his interesting mashups ranging between the heaviest bass-music and western asian 70s funk, Broism and Sun Ra, Jungle and african sounds. Expect the unexpected, enjoy a journey through the styles.

Airdmun – DJ
(Moniker Eggplant) – DJ

As a co-founder of Moniker Eggplant, Airdmun presents music that oscillates around the label, its artists, its sound. Expect some groovy and bassy tunes ranging from electronica to skweee, acid and breaks.


In our favorite basement-club of Berlin we’ll serve only the finest tunes and, of course, the notorious Eggplant-Buffet!
Location: Tricks Tar | Am Oberbaum 11 | X-Berg, Berlin
Doors: 8 pm
Concerts will finish early! Be on time to be sure to catch all the artists and some delicious snacks from the notorious Eggplant Buffet


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'Welding Sessions' Record Release