Announcing the pre-order for ‘The Remixes’ and the new limited edition ‘Full Course’ package

As you probably have read, heard and watched by now, we have been quite busy in preparing the release of ‘The Remixes’ to our ‘Sonic Carpaccio EP’, our first digital-only release. You can, from now on, pre-order ‘The Remixes’ through our Bandcamp store. This will give you the immediate download of Shins-k’s dense remix of Ibunshi’s track SHADOWBORN and OWL’s spicing up of ILL_K’s PSALMUS. The download code of the full EP will be emailed to you on the release date, Wednesday, July 23.

But, what has also been prepared in our kitchen – in secret up until now – is what this post is really about: We hereby proudly announce the immediate pre-order of the ‘Sonic Carpaccio EP – Full Course’ package! This is a strictly limited (25 copies) custom, hand-sewn and hand-stamped envelope containing the complete ‘Sonic Carpaccio’ taste experience.

This meal consists of the original vinyl release and a download code for the Remix EP. And in order for the music to be served appropriately to your turntable, there comes an exclusive ‘Moniker Eggplant’ slipmat with the package. The custom envelope guarantees that the ‘Full Course’ is delivered to you at the right temperature for the most tasteful sonic experience.

You can as well pre-order the ‘Full Course’ from now on through Bandcamp. This gives you three tracks for immediate download (Memory9’s WUSENG DUB plus Somtek’s remix thereof plus WAKE’s remix of ILL_K’s PSALMUS) and, since shipping begins on Monday, July 21, your meal should be delivered to you by its official release date on Wednesday, July 23.

To summarize, here are once more the ingredients of this special menu:

  • One 12‘‘ vinyl copy of the ‘Sonic Carpaccio EP’ plus download code,
  • One download code for the ‘Sonic Carpaccio EP – The Remixes’ EP,
  • One exclusive ‘Moniker Eggplant’ slipmat (see photos above for a first impression),
  • One ‘Moniker Eggplant’ sticker,
  • All hold warm in a custom hand-sewn and hand-stamped beige envelope.

One of the only 25 meals available is yours for 35.00 EUR (plus shipping).