Sonic Carpaccio EP The Remixes Prelisten on Soundcloud

Announcing: The Remixes!

After almost two months of worldwide availability and appreciation of our first 12 inch Vinyl release, the ‘Sonic Carpaccio EP’. Sometimes, it is good to let things cook for a while… the outcome this time is our next first thing: the first Moniker Eggplant digital-only release: the ‘Sonic Carpaccio – The Remixes – EP’!

The Eggplant Galley has gathered a balanced selection of both good old friends like Shins-k and Somtek, as well as new discoveries from the likes of DYL, OWL and WAKE, to disintegrate and reassemble the ingredients that made up the original tracks. The result is not just merely an audible dessert, but a full-fledged second course to the sonic experience of the ‘Sonic Carpaccio EP’!

But enough talk, just go ahead, listen and enjoy for yourself a first glimpse on what will be released by mid-July:


Ibunshi – Shadowborn (Shins-k Rmx)
Memory9 – Wuseng Dub (Somtek Rmx)
ILL_K – Psalmus (OWL Rmx)
ENA – Never Been (DYL Rmx)
ILL_K – Psalmus (WAKE Rmx)

Mastering by: Airdmun + Pseudoprime

Artwork by: Iska Kaek