Freak Ass E – One Year of Audible Meals – Retrospective Mixes

For the first anniversary of Moniker Eggplant DJ Freak Ass E dedicated two retrospective mixes to the label.
This first mix embodies the more bassy side of the vegetable.
Enjoy tracks by artists like Karl Marx Stadt, Mesak, Bit-Tuner, MimiCof, Desmond Denker, ILL_K, Jakin Boaz, Wermonster, X.A. Cute, Goner, Dingy Dysu, Graph and Sküge that have been released on Moniker Eggplant, Ameise Vinyl and Karl Marx Land.


This second part features tracks by ILL_K, Karl Marx Stadt, Istari Lasterfahrer, Porkfour, Sküge, Wermonster, Bit-Tuner, Meier & Erdmann, Desmond Denker, MimiCof, X.A. Cute and Zeptosphere that have been released on Alphacute, Karl Marx Land, Moniker Eggplant.


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