Label Showcase in Berlin – February 7th

Even in the winter time our harvest hands are cropping excellent fruits and the eggplant-kitchens are very busy cooking new delicious meals.

Therefore we prepared a night full of analogue live dishes, acidulous beats and basses, a huge pinch of Skweee and some audible meals reaching beyond the recipes of any cookbook!

‖ Line-Up ‖


|| Istari lasterfahrer (Sozialistischer Plattenbau | Hamburg) ||
He’s definitely one of the most important figures in the german experimental electronic music scene. Being known for a huge corpus of harsh uptempo jungle-sytled tunes he established his reputation by presenting his music in energetic live performances around the globe. On his imprint Sozialistischer Plattenbau he releases a pretty range of diverse electronic beats oscillating between Dubstep and Breakcore. As a teacher for soundsynthesis he definetely knows about modular synthesis – a field which he explores lately.
Let’s simply say that Istari Lasterfahrer reminds us all that digital music can make you fall apart of the mystery of your own soul…

|| Mesak (Harmönia, Lanton | Finland) ||
Let’s bruise all the sounds out of synthesizers and let’s see where a mélange of funky beats, disco-like synth patches and heavy basses leads us. As one of the main figures of the scandinavian Skweee scene Mesak internalized this motto and defines the genre by producing and releasing tracks on the relevant labels such as Flogsta Danshall, Klakson and Lanton and by running his very own Skweee-label Harmönia.
Be prepared for a mindblowing live performance and be sure that it will be hard to escape from the groove of Mesak’ music!

|| Leise im Kran (Moniker Eggplant | Leipzig) ||
As a part of the duo Meier & Erdmann Leise im Kran seeks for a more analogue sound processing far beyond the realm of 1 and 0. The result is a live performance with a bunch of synths and drum computers – all analogue, all raw. Expect some acidulous sounds, some rolling beats and some old-fashioned 90ies synth-scapes and lastly a driving live performance.


|| Freak Ass E (X.A.CUTE) ||
The Freak (aka. Sun Ra Bullock) is known for his interesting mashups ranging between the heaviest bass-music and western asian 70s, Broism and Sun Ra, Jungle and Funk.
Expect the unexpected, enjoy a journey through the styles.

|| Airdmun (Meier & Erdmann) ||
co-founder of Moniker Eggplant, presenting all the music that oscillates around the label, its artists, its sound.

‖ Eggplant – Buffet, Record Stall, Tombola ‖


February 7th
at Trickster
Oberbaumstraße 11, Kreuzberg