ONE YEAR OF AUDIBLE MEALS – Line-up completed!

We’re very proud to announce the last act of our birthday show in october!

We got the mighty LXC (founder of Alphacut Records, 457, …) straight out of Leipzig who will present one of his quite rare sets oscillating bewteen dub, jungle, juke, d’n’b or even happy hardcore. expect an amazing mélange of sounds of the good old times and the very future!

LINE-UP of our birthday celebration in Berlin

MimiCof (Progressive Form | Japan)
Leise im Kran (Moniker Eggplant | Leipzig)

Desmond Denker (Geheimklub | Köln)
LXC (Alphacut, 457 | Leipzig)
ILL_K (Paradise Lost, Shlomp)
Shins-k (Dead Stylez | Japan)
Kinskop (Various Vegetables)
Airdmun (Moniker Eggplant)