ONE YEAR OF AUDIBLE MEALS – Moniker Eggplant’s first Birthday

The Eggplant is turning one year! To celebrate this appropriately we’re are preparing the remix compilation ‘Recipes for Reconstruction’. It will be released on ocotber 18th @ bei ruth – neukölln
Be prepared for a diversified line-up ranging between glitch, raw live acid, juke, bass, dubstep, drum’n’bass, jungle or even arab wedding music.
Await the record release, a tasty eggplant buffet, some birthday specials and even a tombola.


MimiCof (Progressive Form | Japan)

MimiCof aka. Midori Hirano is a japanese producer concentrating on glitchy and experimental sound textures that are enriched with melodious and harmonious spheres. Her productions are based around the use of traditional instrumentation such as the piano or strings, but yet her works are so diverse and eclectic mixture of modern digital sounds with subtle electronic processing or field recordings. For her itʼs not about creating music in its traditional forms or cliché, but about playing, mixing and finding new ways of presenting music.

Leise im Kran (Moniker Eggplant | Leipzig)

As a part of the duo Meier & Erdmann Leise im Kran seeks for a more analogue sound processing far beyond the realm of 1 and 0. The result is a live performance with a bunch of synths and drum computers – all analogue, all raw. Expect some acidious sounds, some rolling beats and some old-fashioned 90ies synth-scapes.


Desmond Denker (Geheimklub | Köln)

He’s definitely one of the most important figures of bass oriented music in western germany. The producer, sound technician and musician Desmond Denker gained experiences in heavy bass music by co-running the label Basspräsidium and producing an interesting kind of Dubstep that merges dance and listening music. Besides this he’s engaged in creating music for theater pieces and assures a good sound in TV-movie productions. Expect a diversified set ranging bewteen jungle, juke, bass, dubstep and d’n’b.

Ill_K (Paradise Lost, Shlomp)

ILL_K is a versatile producer and DJ. While his latets productions concentrate more on an experimental and sound-art way of creating tunes his DJ-sets always imply a heavy danceflorr-attitude. Expect latest sounds from fields like Dubstep, Grime, Trap and D’n’B. !Hail to the Bass!

Shins-k (Dead Stylez | Japan)

The japanese producer Shins-k concentrates on dubby but rolling and driving tunes. As a DJ he knows how to get the borders of styles and genres to blur. Expect diversified sounds between Halfstep, Drum ‘n’ Bass or even arab wedding music.

Kinskop (Various Vegetables)

As co-founder of the Various Vegetables crew it’s not a surprise that he loves eggplants. Kinskop normally produces tunes with load of melodies, analogue instruments and a bunch of humour. As a DJ he’s concentrating on combining mixing and controlling: With his own programmed software is presenting funkey and technoid music mixes never forgetting that good music can have an old charme. Be prepared for a interesting performance that will move your feet.

Airdmun (Moniker Eggplant)

co-founder of Moniker Eggplant, presenting all the music that oscillates around the label, its artists, its sound.

October 18th | Doors 10 p.m.
@ Bei Ruth
Zigrarer Straße 13
Berlin – Neukölln
S – Sonnenallee

‘Recipes for Reconstruction’ remix comiplation Record Release
Birthday Specials
Moniker Eggplant

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