The Big Harvest

In july and august the eggplants are getting harvested. It’s also the time for us to plan the upcoming 12 months. All the ideas that grew on our fields are now getting harvested. Huge audible fruits are about to be cooked, the galley’s chef just prepared a bunch of new tasty recipes, some tastings will take place during the next months.
In Octobre we’ll start with celebrating the vegetable’s first anniversary. An anniversary always is the time to reflect and rethink the past. That’s the reason why we created a compilation that fulfills this attitude. The ‘Recipes for Reconstruction’ compilation will assemble 17 remixes of and by artists that appeared on Moniker Eggplant before.
Expect a potpourri of eggplant-based sounds on double CD or as digital download.

To celebrate the first birthday we invite you to attend our next event.
On octobre 18th a bunch of the remixing artist will present a diverse mélange of electronic music at the beloved Bei Ruth – Club | Berlin – Neukölln.

All the information about the line-up and stuff will be announced during the next days.

Let’s taste the fresh vegetables and enjoy the end of summer together!

The galley’s chef