ʘθʘ CYCLING EGGS ʘθʘ – ‘Mashed Eggplants Vol. 2’ Record Release

MONIKER EGGPLANT & BE-CYCLE are fusing to present a diversified bassy line-up on two floors!
We’ll celebrate the release of the second issue of MONIKER EGGPLANT’S compilation-series ‘Mashed Eggplants’ and of course the Easter-Time!


Easter-Time means Easter-Specials!ʘ
θ Find the Egg(plants) and win a record θ
ʘ Record Stall ʘ
θ EGG-Floor θ
(Bass,Experimental, Acid, Hops, Breaks, Steps)
θ WERMONSTER (Exotic Pylon, Slow Fi Monks) – LIVE
With his live-played instrumental Hip Hop/Breaks WERMONSTER reaches body and soul likewise. His new album ‘Ghosts Move Slowly’ on EXOTIC PYLON RECS represents the unique sound of the french artist and shows how to enchant the listener with dreamy groovy music.
θ COCO LOWRES (Karl Marx Land Recs) – LIVE
A live set by COCO LOWRES is always astonishing due to the wide range of the presented styles. Starting with Skweee-ish reggae-like tunes and ending with rave-like harsh core, his music knows how to unify all this in a homogeneous unique sound: analogue synth-melodies, drum-computer and game-sounds and a huge dose of groove.
θ DJ DIE SOON (Small But Hard, Onibaba)
As member and co-founder of the label ‘Small But Hard’ DJ DIE SOON is an expert for all that concerns Hip Hop, Bass and Noise. In his versatile sets everything between Grime, Raps, Noise, Steps and Jungle could happen. Stay Curious!
θ PORKFOUR (Blackred, Ortloff | Leipzig)
PORKFOUR’s selection is dedicated to acid. Expect tunes from yesterday and tomorrow, expect a driving mix, expect your feet to dance!
θ GONER (Krake, Ritalin War Dance)
As a producer GONER is dedicated to slow, deep and bassy tunes. In his DJ Set he will present all that is influencing his productions. He’ll present releases from our favorite labels such as Harmönia, Alphacut(e) Records, Sozialistischer Plattenbau, Karl Marx Land, Praxis Records, …
θ AIRDMUN (Moniker Eggplant)
The founder of MONIKER EGGPLANT will present the new compilation to be released at that night. Expect jazzy breaks, basses, contemporary jungle …

θ θ θ θ θ θ θ θ θ
BE-CYCLE – Floor:
ʘ BABA THE KNIFE (Hans&Gloria)

Baba knows how to keep your ass on the dance-floor. As one of the initiators of the Hans&Gloria-Festival he never looses his sunny feeling and serves only the finest in gipsy-influenced techno which has allready brought him
to places like Israel or the Fusion Festival.

VINYL ONLY. That’s the motto of MVL who plays a diversified selection between House and Techno never forgetting where these genres derive from.
ʘ DR. KAYA (In beat we trust)

Dr. Kaya uses his knowledge in Dubstep and related heavy bass-music to create a set presenting only the newest and hottest stuff like Juke, Footwork, Post-Dubstep, Shlomp, Raps.
ʘ DJul (Be-Cycle)

As the founder of Be-Cycle DJul knows how to transfer the open-air-feeling into an indoor-session. His french pinch into the Berlin-Sound lets people go cracy not only outsides.
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Berolinastr. 7
hinterm Kino International
22:00 Uhr