Teaser number two is online: ENA — ‘NEVER BEEN’

We’re already into week two of our little teaser series for the ‘Sonic Carpaccio EP’, and here comes the short clip to ENA’s ‘NEVER BEEN’! Watch it below or on YouTube. And if you haven’t done it already, be sure to check out DYL’s great Podcast featuring all the tracks of the EP, including his remix of ENA’s track.

All tracks from the ‘Sonic Carpaccio EP’ featured in DubKraft Podcast by DYL

Our mate DYL, who will be contributing a great remix of ENA’s “Never Been” to the digital bonus package that will come alongside the main vinyl release, has featured all four tracks from our ‘Sonic Carpaccio EP’ in a podcast he did together with Dimito over at DubKraft Records. Be sure to check it out, besides the tunes from the EP, it’s still two and half hours worth of great music!

Here is the Podcast:


Sonic Carpaccio EP Preview

Listen to parts of the upcoming “Sonic Carpaccio EP”

It has been quite a while since we started thinking about this project, and of course, everything took a lot more time than we initially expected. But this is how the good things usually develop, so why bother about it? And now, finally, we will be releasing Moniker Eggplant’s first 12 inch vinyl release: The “Sonic Carpaccio EP”!

We decided to give you all the opportunity to take a listen into the four fabulous tunes by Memory9, ILL_K, ENA and Ibunshi that will be on the EP. Just scroll down to the end of this post.

From the EP’s Cover:

Here comes the first Moniker Eggplant 12″ Vinyl slice. This audible meal has been gently cooked to achieve an adequate balance between its ingredients and spices to deliver a full-flavored taste of current explorations in electronic music. The black plate nourishes your head and feet likewise: Four harvest-fresh tunes, from bright to deep, from dark to bouncy, from dubby to glitchy, are served on the menu. The pieces on that EP question how elements of quite antique styles of beat-driven electronic music such as Drum&Bass, Dubstep or even Hip Hop could be reflected nowadays. Prepare your ears for tunes that inherent the past and the very future…

The EP will be released on April 25. More information will follow soon.


Freak Ass E – One Year of Audible Meals – Retrospective Mixes

For the first anniversary of Moniker Eggplant DJ Freak Ass E dedicated two retrospective mixes to the label.
This first mix embodies the more bassy side of the vegetable.
Enjoy tracks by artists like Karl Marx Stadt, Mesak, Bit-Tuner, MimiCof, Desmond Denker, ILL_K, Jakin Boaz, Wermonster, X.A. Cute, Goner, Dingy Dysu, Graph and Sküge that have been released on Moniker Eggplant, Ameise Vinyl and Karl Marx Land.


This second part features tracks by ILL_K, Karl Marx Stadt, Istari Lasterfahrer, Porkfour, Sküge, Wermonster, Bit-Tuner, Meier & Erdmann, Desmond Denker, MimiCof, X.A. Cute and Zeptosphere that have been released on Alphacute, Karl Marx Land, Moniker Eggplant.


Don’t froget to check Freak Ass E on Mixcloud www.mixcloud.com/FreakAssE/


Label Showcase in Berlin – February 7th

Even in the winter time our harvest hands are cropping excellent fruits and the eggplant-kitchens are very busy cooking new delicious meals.

Therefore we prepared a night full of analogue live dishes, acidulous beats and basses, a huge pinch of Skweee and some audible meals reaching beyond the recipes of any cookbook!

‖ Line-Up ‖


|| Istari lasterfahrer (Sozialistischer Plattenbau | Hamburg) ||
He’s definitely one of the most important figures in the german experimental electronic music scene. Being known for a huge corpus of harsh uptempo jungle-sytled tunes he established his reputation by presenting his music in energetic live performances around the globe. On his imprint Sozialistischer Plattenbau he releases a pretty range of diverse electronic beats oscillating between Dubstep and Breakcore. As a teacher for soundsynthesis he definetely knows about modular synthesis – a field which he explores lately.
Let’s simply say that Istari Lasterfahrer reminds us all that digital music can make you fall apart of the mystery of your own soul…

|| Mesak (Harmönia, Lanton | Finland) ||
Let’s bruise all the sounds out of synthesizers and let’s see where a mélange of funky beats, disco-like synth patches and heavy basses leads us. As one of the main figures of the scandinavian Skweee scene Mesak internalized this motto and defines the genre by producing and releasing tracks on the relevant labels such as Flogsta Danshall, Klakson and Lanton and by running his very own Skweee-label Harmönia.
Be prepared for a mindblowing live performance and be sure that it will be hard to escape from the groove of Mesak’ music!

|| Leise im Kran (Moniker Eggplant | Leipzig) ||
As a part of the duo Meier & Erdmann Leise im Kran seeks for a more analogue sound processing far beyond the realm of 1 and 0. The result is a live performance with a bunch of synths and drum computers – all analogue, all raw. Expect some acidulous sounds, some rolling beats and some old-fashioned 90ies synth-scapes and lastly a driving live performance.


|| Freak Ass E (X.A.CUTE) ||
The Freak (aka. Sun Ra Bullock) is known for his interesting mashups ranging between the heaviest bass-music and western asian 70s, Broism and Sun Ra, Jungle and Funk.
Expect the unexpected, enjoy a journey through the styles.

|| Airdmun (Meier & Erdmann) ||
co-founder of Moniker Eggplant, presenting all the music that oscillates around the label, its artists, its sound.



‖ Eggplant – Buffet, Record Stall, Tombola ‖


February 7th
at Trickster
Oberbaumstraße 11, Kreuzberg

Black and White Slipmat Prototypes

What to Expect From M+E in 2014

With the Christmas Holidays now behind us, we thought it would be nice to give you a little preview of what 2014 will hold in store for all Eggplant fans.

First, if you have missed our last post, it is still not too late to download a free copy from our first compilation “Mashed Eggplants Vol. 1”.

Then, we are really excited to finally show you some pictures of what has already been cooking for a while, and will hopefully be available soon (in limited quantity): the first exclusive Moniker Eggplant Slipmats.

Besides these merchandise articles we are about to prepare the release of our first 12” vinyl record – the ‘Sonic Carpaccio EP’. Expect some driving beats and basses by incredible artists dealing with diverse bass music issues (e.g. Drum and Bass, Juke, Drumfunk, 170 Bpm Deepness).

And there’s still at least one medium we did not explore till now: Tapes. Be prepared for tape releases concentrating on the more acidulous, noisey side of the Eggplant.

This concludes the probably last post for 2013. Stay tuned for more announcements soon.

Cheers, M+E.


Christmas Present / End of Year Special

As the holidays are almost there, here is our Christmas Present for you:

Get our compilation “Mashed Eggplants Vol. 1” for free until the end of 2013! That means 15 exclusive tracks by 15 exciting artists in any digital format you might possibly desire. And just as a hint: you can also give it as a present to someone you love. Go for it now or anytime until December 31!


Stay tuned, as we will post some insights into our kitchen about what 2014 will bring for all you Eggplant Heads!

Merry Christmas to all of you!


Label Showcase – Friday, Nov 15th @ Loophole | Berlin

Again the chef cook of the vegetable will present a diversified audible menu.
Expect a night full of beats, basses, dubs, hops, breaks, steps, spheres.
‖ Line-Up ‖

: Live:

Debmaster (Da! Heard It Records | France)
X.A.CUTE (CCCB, Trickster)
ANBU (Cutting Room Records)

: DJ:

Kinskop ( Various Vegetables)
Freak Ass E (Trickster)
Airdmun ( Moniker Eggplant)

‖ Eggplant – Buffet, Record Stall, Tombola ‖

‖ DEBMASTER ‖ – Live
Gangsta Bleep, Halftime Madness, Crev!?
Debmaster will prove that you can dance, sweat and be curious at the same time. With his hopping beats, deep basses and bleepy spheres and his amazing live-show he will show you how to shake, dance, bounce.

‖ X.A. CUTE ‖ – Live
This berlin-based duo is dedicated to bass, beats and raps mixed with a pinch of oriental spices. Just after their Israel-Tour and their latest collaborations with vocal artists such as Miss Red, Infinite Livez or Ari Up they’ll present their current live set – it’ll kick your bass hungry ass!

‖ ANBU ‖ – Live
In his partly improvised live performances amazing textures evolve over time and space, get blurred, distroyed and refigurated in a unique sound design. Open your ears and close your eyes because Anbu will take you on a sound-journey you won’t forget!

‖ Kinskop ‖
As co-founder of the Various Vegetables crew it’s not a surprise that he loves eggplants. Kinskop normally produces tunes with load of melodies, analogue instruments and a bunch of humour. As a DJ he’s concentrating on combining mixing and controlling: With his own programmed software he is presenting funky and technoid music mixes never forgetting that good music can have an old charme. Be prepared for an interesting performance that will move your feet.

‖ Freak Ass E ‖
The Freak (aka. Sun Ra Bullock) is known for his interesting mashups ranging between the heaviest bass-music and western asian 70s, Broism and Sun Ra, Jungle and Funk.
Expect the unexpected, enjoy a journey through the styles.

‖ Airdmun ‖
co-founder of Moniker Eggplant, presenting all the music that oscillates around the label, its artists, its sound.

November 15th
at Loophole
Boddinstraße 60
U7 Rathaus Neukölln

Recipes for Reconstruction

Celebrating our First Year

Almost exactly 12 months ago, our tasty musical journey began, and so the Moniker has just turned one year! We were celebrating our first birthday last Friday with a whole lot of great Live and DJ sets by MimiCof, Leise im Kran, LXC, Desmond Denker, ILL_K, Shins-k, and Airdmun (once again: thank you guys, for an amazing night!). Not to forget our notorious Eggplant Buffet! If you’ve missed our birthday party at the Bei Ruth in Neukölln (blame yourself!), you should at least make sure to visit them during the next few weeks, before they will have their Winter break. Why not on November 1, when DJ Marcelle will be playing one of her famous DJ sets there?

What else do we have to celebrate? Well, there is this remix compilation that you might have heard rumors about, and guess what? It’s out now! Get it through our Bandcamp, either physically, in our well-known handcrafted CDR package (eggplant recipe included, of course!), or in any other digital audio format you could possibly desire. Do not hesitate, there are no more than 100 copies available! Take a listen to all “Recipes of Reconstruction” here:

Oh, and if you haven’t already: listen to our man Freak Ass E’s roaring mix set with his selection of tunes from the First Year of Moniker Eggplant:

Check out Freak Ass E on Mixcloud and his project X.A. Cute on Soundcloud.


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