Moniker Eggplant Slipmats now available

As we are nearing our second label birthday in October, we are of course in the midst of preparing the next release. While we are not yet ready to disclose what it will be,… Continue reading

The Very Last ‘Mundane Reminder EP’

Do you know what the picture shows? It’s the very last ‘Mundane Reminder EP’ by Meier & Erdmann! When we checked our shop’s inventory last week we were a little surprised as well, but… Continue reading

‘Sonic Carpaccio EP – The Full Course’

This is the full ‘Sonic Carpaccio’ experience! It is a strictly limited (25 copies) package featuring the original vinyl release and a download code for the Remix EP. And in order for the… Continue reading

‘Sonic Carpaccio EP – The Remixes’

Here comes the second course of the ‘Sonic Carpaccio EP’ and our first digital-only release. Old friends and new fellows of the Eggplant have served their sonic reinterpretations of the four ingredients originally… Continue reading

Announcing the pre-order for ‘The Remixes’ and the new limited edition ‘Full Course’ package

As you probably have read, heard and watched by now, we have been quite busy in preparing the release of ‘The Remixes’ to our ‘Sonic Carpaccio EP’, our first digital-only release. You can, from… Continue reading

‘The Remixes’ coming July 23, and a Teaser Video

You probably have listened to the prelisten for our upcoming ‘Sonic Carpaccio EP – The Remixes’ release last week. If not, you can now listen to an extended part of OWL’s Remix of ILL_K’s… Continue reading

Announcing: The Remixes!

After almost two months of worldwide availability and appreciation of our first 12 inch Vinyl release, the ‘Sonic Carpaccio EP’. Sometimes, it is good to let things cook for a while… the outcome… Continue reading

Grab A Copy Of The ‘Sonic Carpaccio EP’ At A Record Store Near You!

Almost exactly one month ago, we officially released the ‘Sonic Carpaccio EP’. With this post, we want to give you an overview of all the record stores (local, online) that sell copies of our first 12… Continue reading

A big thank you to iska kaek!

With the release parties for the Sonic Carpaccio EP behind us, and the limited 12″ vinyl now out for sale, we wanted to take the opportunity to shout out a big Thank You… Continue reading

‘Sonic Carpaccio EP’

Here comes the first Moniker Eggplant 12’’ Vinyl slice. This audible meal has been gently cooked to achieve an adequate balance between its ingredients and spices to deliver a full-flavored taste of current… Continue reading

  • Sonic Carpaccio EP

    Days to go till the next releaseApril 25th, 2014
    Our first 12" vinyl, the 'Sonic Carpaccio EP', is now available through our bandcamp-shop!
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